Our programs

GoInwards.com operates at the grassroots level to bring together community groups and government bodies to establish sustainable, holistic health and wellness learning programs. We instil a culture of inclusion with a multidisciplinary approach to enable communities to thrive socially, economically, and culturally.

We have the crosscutting agility to advance diverse ideas from a broad range of stakeholders, namely the business community, academic institutions, research foundations, public agencies, private sector entities and fellow nonprofit organizations. This eco-system of multidisciplinary environs serves as an incubator to unveil new paths of research to address social and economic growth issues.

We promote philosophical and scientific yoga programs to corporate, senior, and school-age children, to help address a conundrum of physiological and psychological issues. This allows them to manage the stress inside and outside the brick walls. Our goal is to empower the individual to self-regulate their emotions and develop a sense of equanimity.

To awaken the true potential of the human spirit, we bring together life-long learning resources via workshops, seminars, retreats, and e-learning, to provide a holistic approach to wellness and personal growth. Our wellness programs are tailored for the practitioner to explore the deeper dimensions that exist within themselves and provide the tools necessary to experience the magic and mystery of life as they “GoInwards”.

01International Education Symposium Dubai

Promote innovation in education and introduce novel approaches to enhance students cognitive, physical, emotional, moral and social development.

02Drug De-addiction Program India

Conducted a health and wellness program in association with the Department of Social Welfare Chandigarh on the theme of substance abuse prevention and control.

03Yoga Global Champion USA

Demonstrated theoretical concepts and practical techniques to the United Nations Women to enhance the physical, emotional and mental aspects of well being.

04COVID 19 Pandemic Prevention India

Served as a panellist on several live television broadcasts and presented yoga techniques necessary to fortify and strengthen the nervous system and immunity.

All life is yoga

- Sri Aurobindo
Promote Yoga

Liaise with local and global government authorities to enhance policies and schemes to promote the efficacy of yoga.

Holistic Wellness

Design and deploy holistic wellness programs for corporates, seniors, and children to help develop a sense of equanimity.

Workshops & Seminars

Hold conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats and public meetings to propagate the knowledge of yoga.

Alliances with Research

Create alliances with research institutions globally to facilitate experimental studies on yoga, pranayama and meditation.