Online learning

It is our personal and social responsibility to adopt and promote the message of 3H (Health, Happiness and Harmony) to make life more fulfilling. We have an array of programs that provide you practical steps to incorporate these wellness aspects into your daily-being and develop others towards personal transformation.


What you learn?

Physical Body

The yoga series is a gentle way to improve your posture, balance, coordination and condition the body.condition the body.

Emotional Body

This foundation series will guide you through the basic skills of meditation and mindfulness.condition the body.

Mental Body

The Pranayama series contain breath practices which has the potential to affect your gross body.

Psychic Body
Mantra Chanting

Vedic chanting is a sought-after psychosomatic route to physical and intellectual wellness.

Bliss Body

The Yoga Nidra series uses the pre-meditative practices to help you deepen the relaxation