The terrestrial broadcast

Vinny served as a panelist on a live television broadcast to present how yoga, pranayama and meditation can help enhance ones’ physical, emotional and mental health. She discussed how we need to take self-responsibility and take proactive measures to manage our well-being. Vinny emphasized on the imperatives of yoga as a novel approach, for ameliorating early risk factors for psychological and physical health problems in both childhood and adulthood.

The radio waves

Television News Channel Khabrain Abhi Tak invited Vinny as a panelist on latest breaking news live-broadcast to discuss yogic techniques necessary to help deal with C-virus pandemic. She addressed how mental, emotional, and physical fear can expose our central nervous system to the contagions. She shared effective ways to fortify the nervous system via pranayama techniques and to strengthen the immune system by incorporating an Ayurvedic diet.

Pay it forward

As a visiting faculty at the Gandhi National Academy of Naturopathy, Vinny conducted classes on philosophy of yoga; to include asana, pranayama and meditation techniques. The discourse was conducted in accordance to the prospectus and syllabus defined for the three-year Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga. She also conducted yoga session at the Gandhi Smarak Institute in Patti Kalyan India.

Manage substance abuse

Vinny was invited as a Guest of Honor at the Post Graduate Government College in Chandigarh India. She shared her insights on asana, pranayama and meditation techniques to address mitigation practices related to drug de-addiction. This event was held in association with the Department of Social Welfare Chandigarh on the theme of substance abuse prevention and control. She also shared concepts on dynamic meditation and mindful practices, and ways to be cognizant of the physical, emotional and mental layers of the subtle body.

Pass on the good word

As a yoga enthusiast, Vinny was requested by the Gandhi Smarak Bhawan to write an article on efficacy of yoga. This article was published in their ‘Acharyakul Samachar’ newsletter, endorsed by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. The Gandhi Smarak Institute is a National Academy of Naturopathy and Yoga, that holds discourses by persons of spiritual eminence; to include seminars, lectures, symposia and talks on national and international issues.

Save our planet

Ms. Garg, known to be an obsessive clean freak, is always on the bustle to promote environment awareness. During 2018 World Environment Day, Vinny marched the streets in her hometown Chandigarh, along with the Isha Foundation volunteers to spread the message of plastic-free environment. To advance her social work, Vinny has engaged the City Administration to ban and eradicate single-use plastic for environment conservation.

Earth Optimism Alliance

At the Earth Optimism Summit, Ms. Garg joined Mr. Afroz Shah, a leader of the world's largest beach clean-up effort in Mumbai, along with volunteers from the Smithsonian to clean the Potomac river in Anacostia D.C. Despite the arduous weather conditions, the team geared up, as they immersed into the river and collected mounds of debris. The aim is to achieve a clean and safe Anacostia River for the benefit of all living in its watershed and for future generations.

Make India clean

As an emerging country for economic development, India has embarked on an aggressive mission to eradicate open defecation. To accelerate the Swachh Bharat initiative, Vinny is working with government body and local community groups to promote health and hygiene, and to advocate behavioral change intervention techniques.

The global champion

United Nations (UN) Women in New York City was enthralled to have Vinny conduct classes on Integral yoga. She covered the concepts on subtle layers of the body, and its’ direct co-relation with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of ones’ well-being. Vinny demonstrated both the theoretical concepts and practical techniques of the Pranayama breathwork, to help the practitioner invigorate, balance, cool, calm and tranquilize their body.

The Minimalist Way

On the path to minimalism, Vinny was requested to conduct a staff-class at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies in New York. The concepts entailed “The Minimalist Way” of de-cluttering strategies, to help clean clutter in not only in the home, but also in ones’ head and their heart. Vinny shared insights on how to move forward with a sense of purpose and peace, by freeing oneself of physical clutter; clearing the mental clutter to find clarity within; and identify negative thoughts and replace them with empowering convictions.

Concepts of Yoga

Vinny conducted staff programs at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck New York, on Integral Yoga and Meditation. The topics comprised of philosophical and practical approaches to integrate the yogic science concepts into ones’ daily routine. Vinny covered an array of topics: the eight limbs of yoga, subtle sheaths of the body, chakra body, para and apara body; to include pranayama/breathwork, and meditation techniques.

International Yoga Day

The Ministry of AYUSH invited Ms. Garg to conduct a presentation on Integral Yoga and Meditation at the 5th annual International Yoga Day. Vinny shared an integrative approach towards physical, emotional, mental wellness, and measures to cultivate mindfulness. The District Commissioner of Haryana Government Mr. Balkar Singh presided over this event, along with Mr. Dilip Mishra, State Public Information Officer, Directorate of Ayurveda.

Manifest your awareness

Shiva International School in Bilaspur invited Vinny to present at the 5th annual International Day of Yoga event, She shared her insights on physical, emotional, mental, psychic and bliss layers of the body, to help manifest awareness on different planes. The key representatives comprised of Mr. Shashi Pal Sharma, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Mr. Purushottam Sharma, Managing Director, and Mr. Rajinder Garg, Member of Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh.

Know thy-self

Post Graduate Government College in Chandigarh invited Ms. Garg to conduct a session on ‘know thy-self’ for its’ student and the faculty members. Vinny shared innovative concepts on the physical and subtle elements of the body. Her insight on channelizing the energy via breathing techniques (on and off the mat) were thought-provoking. She also covered aspects of hatha yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and raja yoga, in her stride to promote yoga as a practical psychology conformity.

Entrepreneurship summit

Chitkara University invited Ms. Garg was to chair a panel discussion at their annual entrepreneurship summit in India. This initiative corroborated region’s startup ecosystems and subsystems, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs, and academic community to a common and interactive platform. Ms. Garg shed light on understanding free market principles of risk and reward, access to capital, exposure to new markets and opportunities, deficiency with respect to critical technical skills, and marketing savvy compounds.

Innovation in Education

Ms. Garg was a keynote speaker at the International Education Symposium in Dubai to address key topics impacting education, and paradigms necessary for policy reform. As the panel discussed topics related to the future of classrooms, Vinny addressed the dire need to implement innovative and holistic ways of teaching. She shared her insight on novel approaches to enhance child’s cognitive, physical, emotional and social development.

Rhythm of learning

Satyanand Public School in Gohana invited Vinny to share her insights on the efficacy of yoga. Vinny shared the concepts of subtle layers of the body, and presented techniques on yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation practices. The intent of the workshop was to introduce new rhythms of learning, and empower children to develop self-discipline, manage their feelings effectively, and cultivate a sense of equanimity.

Top 100

An award from ‘The International Alliance for Women’ (TIAW) was conferred to Vinny for her outstanding commitment to improve the world through the economic empowerment of women. This prestigious award is granted annually to 100 women from across the globe who are acknowledged as change-agents for making a ‘tangible difference’ in their local community and the global communities at-large.

Marathon for Life

“Where the storms strike with fury, the sturdiest trees are found’. The thunder pealed, the lightning flashed and the rain came down in spurts; however, Vinny remained determined to run her first half marathon. She gained the fortitude to succeed from her mother who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her mother’s fight for survival against the odds inspired Vinny to run the race despite the arduous conditions. On a sabbatical to assist with her mother’s hospice care, Vinny trained with diligence, crossing the finish line dedicating the race to her mother.

Social Capitol

Vinny was invited as a Guest of Honor at the Lionesses Club Panchkula Premier District 321A2 Chartered Night in Chandigarh. She was recognized for her outstanding work in the field of philanthropy, as she spoke about liberating women from dependence and making them self-sufficient. The strides that Ms. Garg has taken to transform the society and to break the self-imposed barriers are notable.

Advocacy via Journalism

The Chandigarh Press Club invited Ms. Garg as a guest speaker to speak on Women Right issues. This event was the 10th annual journalist honor day held in the memory of a young journalist who left this world in a tragic road accident. Ms. Garg voiced her concerns regarding corruption and disparity within the Indian judicial system and advocated journalists to bring transparency and accountability within the court of law to promote women rights.

Talent Counts Not Age

The hostess of Lioness Club Chandigarh and Ms. Garg co-chaired a cultural event in celebration of the Baisakhi festival. The theme was to encourage and promote women talent irrespective of their age, cast, creed or color. The female performers demonstrated their flair by conducting various enactments such as singing, dancing, comedy and skits.

Promoting Women Talent

There is a saying – The way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach. Ms. Garg hosted an International Cooking competition in Chandigarh. This event was organized by the MeriSajni magazine in collaboration with Nazakat, Inc. The goal was to promote and spotlight the aptitude of women, as the participants unveiled their talent by preparing signature dishes.

Malnutrition and Health

In efforts to address health cohorts, Nazakat, Inc. organized a free medical check-up camp in the town of Zirakpur. This camp was organized for the children of downtrodden families adopted by Mrs. Sushil Bansal, President of Lioness Club Chandigarh District 321A2. The event was organized with the help of Komfort Pathshala and the Tri City Press Club.

Recycle and Reuse

Coaching sessions were organized for women in the slum areas of Saketri to enhance their means of livelihood by recycling dried grass and hay. Vinny organized a group of volunteers to inculcate women with skills necessary to recycle the straws and fabricate into ornate objects like grass baskets, hay barracks, partition fence, etc.