About us


Who we are

GoInwards.com is formed on the belief that we all must have the tools necessary to manage the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our well-being. Our brand was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people find a way to ‘level-up’ by going inwards. Our mission is to promote integral wellness programs to corporates, seniors, school-aged children, first-responders, and enable them to maintain equanimity. We aim to provide highest quality of leaning and development opportunities to sustain optimal health and reset spiritual balance. The structured means of learning enables one’ to poise and reflect inwards, calm and clear their head-space, restore equilibrium, and commence on ‘The Journey Within.

Our Vision

Unleash the true potential of the human spirit.


Our Mission

Go Inwards has an agile program framework to build and leverage in-country partnerships with non-profit organizations, business, academic institutions, research foundations and relevant public sector agencies. This approach gives us the ability to operate with greater flexibility and to navigate across various multi-disciplinary environments. This in turn establishes social capital and trust, and solutions that result in sustained economic growth.

Our Philosophy



Question current thinking and explore new ideas while honoring time-tested academic principles. Strive to create new forms of education to better serve the audience and discover new paths of research that provide solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.



Bring together a diverse set of ideas from a broad range of stakeholders. Instil a culture of inclusion, multidisciplinary approaches, and global perspectives, to make more effective educators and scholars. Build bridges of trust, respect and understanding.



Put ideas into action and add value through government bodies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, academia, and the arts. Pursue discoveries that make a difference globally, while helping communities thrive socially, economically and culturally.



Create shared-value to connect with the communities, and engage with stakeholders to cultivate responsibility, accountability and ensure sustainability. Partner with public and private sector entities, to address the gap between the economic and social divide.

Goals and Objectives

GoInwards.com is working objectively to promote philosophical and scientific yoga programs to school age children, to help them deal with the stress and pressures of life inside and outside the brick walls. The ultimate goal is to empower children to self-regulate their emotions and develop a sense of equanimity. The efficacy of yoga as an intervention technique prevails the ability to manage child’s outbursts of anger towards schoolmates, bullying of others, perception of being victimized, and improve child’s cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development. This will happen when humanity raises its consciousness beyond that of fear and hatred – as the essence of compassion comes within, the desire to retaliate goes’.